About Us

Apple Engineering Consultants LLC is a multi dimensional consultancy, specializing in Planning/Design and Project Management services for: 

  • Towers – Residential & Commercial
  • Community Developments
  • Industrial
  • Interiors
  • Special Projects

With a staff of highly trained, immensely talented and deeply passionate individuals, we successfully merged forty years of experience with the energy, drive and dedication of a second generation of managers. With the technical capabilities and the understanding to take even the largest projects from initial concept through construction anywhere in the world, we remain a hands-on, design-oriented practice at heart. Integrity in design, connection to the client and balance in our corporate culture are integral to our identity.

Our vast experience with a wide array of project types, geographic locations, construction techniques and architectural styles gives us a high level of expertise, while our collaborative process and individual approach to each project allow us to be flexible and responsive. Site-sensitive design has been a hallmark of our practice.

We strive to honor the site with design solutions inspired by the regional vernacular, local materials and the sense of place inherent within each site, and we are dedicated to advocating sustainable, performance-oriented and high quality designs and construction methods on all our projects. The firm has so far achieved ameliorated and rapid growth, and is poised to imprint its professional practice on global cityscapes.

We are essentially – “Designers by Addiction”


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